The type of seat covers for a vehicle should be determined by the kind of work that a driver does. In the case of tradespeople or construction activities, drivers should consider more durable covers due to the frequent in and out movement into the car with a large amount of grit, dirt, and oil on clothing.

Below are the best seat covers that every car owner should consider:

Neoprene seat covers: Neoprene covers are waterproof and create a long-lasting cushioning effect. Neoprene is durable in areas where is high rainfall and for drivers dealing with a lot of water-related activities. These covers are easy to clean and install, although they are not very exciting to the eye.

Leather seat covers: These are classic covers that offer resistance against sunlight rays and liquids, making them durable. Leather is easy to maintain as a cloth is enough to clean any spill. Nonetheless, they are not resistant to damage or tearing.

Suede seat covers: Similar to leather seat covers in feel, suede covers are more wear-resistant. However, they can lose their coloring quickly and are vulnerable to UV rays and water.

Poly-cotton seat covers: These covers have the durability of polyester and comfort of cotton. Since the cotton material is breathable, it perfectly suits cars in humid and hot climates. These covers can also be cleaned using a washing machine, making them long-lasting and easy to maintain. With additional coating, the covers can be waterproof.

Velour seat covers: Velour covers create a luxurious feeling and are comfortable. However, they are hard to install because they are non-elastic and off little protection.

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