Seat covers are great accessories that can simply be installed by DIY. Here are the simple steps to follow while installing vehicle seat covers.

  1. Remove the headrests

If your car has a headrest covers, slip them on. In step 4, you will be cutting holes of the headrests to put the new covers.

  1. Slip the cover over the back

Covers are universal, but they must be appropriately fixed so that they snug. Having wrinkled seat covers makes the interior look less appealing. On the back seat, there are two loops that the covers can be slipped. Using a coat hanger, pull the loops from the cover beneath the seat.

  1. Secure loops and hooks

To hold the seat covers snugly, connect the loops with the S-hooks. If a cover is loose, you will have to adjust the length of the elastic straps by tying them.

  1. Cut holes in the headrest

Locate the holes that are holding the headrest by feeling through the vehicle seat cover. Use a marker to mark each hole and create a small cut. The cuts should be parallel to the sides of the vehicle to prevent the holes from widening.

  1. Replace the headrests

Through the holes, slip the headrests and press them to fit firmly. Since covers may interfere with the built-in airbags, ensure you check the vehicle’s user manual to ensure the airbags are well-placed.

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