After soiling your sheepskin seat covers, you may wonder how to clean it. Because sheepskin is delicate, these covers are somehow tricky to clean. However, with the correct procedure and basic learning tools, your seat covers can be clean within no time.

Step 1: Prepare the Seat Covers

Before you apply soap or shampoo, take a sponge and soak in warm water, then start wiping the seat covers. Make sure that the water used is not hot as this can damage the sheepskin. After wiping the covers several times, you can proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Apply soap

After soaking and wiping the seat covers, apply soap or detangling shampoo. Squirt drops of the soap on a washcloth then rub it together to even out the soap. Next, wipe the covers from the very top downwards, focusing on the soiled or stained areas. This step can be repeated many times by reapplying soap or shampoo every time.

Step 3: Remove soap

Once you have properly applied soap, the next step is to rinse off the seat cover using a dampened washcloth or sponge. Ensure the water used is warm, and the sheepskin is wiped in the top-bottom direction. Dampen the washcloth continuously and wipe the entire seat cover repeatedly.

Step 4: Brush the seat covers

The next step is to brush the seat covers using a bristle brush. For the best cleaning, use brushes designed for cleaning dogs. Gently clean the seat covers in the top-bottom direction, removing bits of soap that could have remained during cleaning. Make sure the process is gentle to prevent any tear.

Step 5: Dry the seat covers

After a thorough cleaning, hang the sheepskin seat covers up to dry for four to five hours. The covers should not be placed in direct sunlight.

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